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Policy Briefs & Technical Reports

Duke researchers have gone beyond traditional academic circles to try to inform policy processes related to areas beyond national jurisdiction through the development of policy briefs and technical reports:


  • Deep, distant and dynamic: critical considerations for incorporating the open-ocean into a new BBNJ treaty. Dunn, D.C., G. Ortuño Crespo, F. Bulger, C. Christian, K.M. Gjerde, J.A. Jimenez, H. Muraki Gottlieb, H. Rodriguez, E. Ross, M. Spalding, D. Freestone, P.N. Halpin – BBNJ Policy brief dynamic pelagic ecosystems

  • Adjacency: How legal precedent, ecological connectivity, and Traditional Knowledge inform our understanding of proximity. Dunn, D.C., G. Ortuño Crespo, M. Vierros, D. Freestone, E. Rosenthal, S. Roady, A. Alberini, A.-L. Harrison, A. Cisneros, J.W. Moore, M. R. Sloat, Y. Ota, R. Caddell, P.N. Halpin – BBNJ Policy brief Adjacency

  • Satellite tracking to monitor area-based management tools & identify governance gaps in fisheries beyond national jurisdiction. Caroline Jablonicky, Doug McCauley, David Kroodsma, Kristina Boerder, & Daniel Dunn – BBNJ Policy brief AIS

  • Space for conservation and sustainable use: area-based management in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Marjo Vierros, Daniel Dunn, Tim O’Hara, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Lance Morgan & Pat Halpin – BBNJ Policy brief area based management

  • Open Data: enabling conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction. Nic Bax, Harriet Harden-Davies, Torsten Thiele, Pat Halpin, & Daniel Dunn – BBNJ Policy brief open data

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