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Professor Lisa Campbell, Ph.D.

Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

Professor Lisa Campbell, Ph.D. is interested in oceans governance broadly, how it is accomplished via networks or assemblages of states, eNGOs, scientists/collaborations, civil society groups, business, etc.  Her lab has been tracking the oceans biodiversity conservation agenda in CBD, IUCN, and UNGA over past 10 years, and the interactions of policy debates there with conservation efforts in particular places, including the the high seas. Dr. Campbell and her lab are interested in how science and technology influence ability to know the oceans and thus play a role in determining what it is we think we are conserving and how it should be done (this is a co-productionist stance on science). Also interested in intersection of different existing governance regimes with whatever comes out of UN implementing agreement (e.g. ISA, RFMOs, etc.).  Focal area in this work: migratory species (marine turtles/tuna) conservation targets; Large Marine Protected Areas (including two ‘high’ seas efforts, with students: Sargasso Sea and Ross Sea); Blue Economy. V. interested in deep sea mining and ISA (especially because of its association with the Common Heritage principle), but other than write an un-funded NSF proposal on it, haven’t had time to incorporate it much into research.

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