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What are the high seas?

Deep, distant, dynamic and diverse.

Beyond borders but not beyond governance.

A global commons and the common heritage of humankind.

About Us

What role is Duke playing?

Duke University researchers are highly engage in solving the central legal, social and scientific problems that contribute to the ongoing degradation of the high seas.

What we do

Spatial Ecology

Where does biodiversity exist in the ocean?

To answer this question, Duke scientists, lead by the Marine Geospatial Ecology Lab (MGEL), have endeavored to provide fellow scientists and policy makers with the spatial data and tools to better inform research and decisions about the biodiversity of the world's oceans.


How do we attain sustainability in the deep-ocean?


For four decades, Duke scientists, lead by Dr. Cindy Van Dover and her lab were among the global leaders in the exploration of the deep sea and the ecology of deep-sea ecosystems.

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We are at a crossroads between an increase in the international interest to conserve and adequately harvest high seas resources and biodiversity and significant improvements in scientific and monitoring technologies.

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Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction

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